On The Road


As we descended from the outskirts of Nairobi into the Great Rift Valley, it finally began to feel like our field work was starting. The crowded road side markets and cement buildings disappeared and made way for sprawling brush landscapes dotted with sparse houses and farms. Our driver, Frederick, told us he doesn’t make it out to Lake Naivasha (the area of our first planned collection) very often but enjoys the area when he does.

It was easy to see why. While driving around and searching for a place to stay for the night we saw several giraffes roaming around to our left and the waters of Lake Naivasha to our right. With the sun beginning to set behind the clouds that brought rain showers earlier in the afternoon, the scene looked like something out of a movie.

Besides being picturesque, the area surrounding Lake Naivasha also looks like an excellent location to begin our first collections tomorrow. Lining the main highway of Naivasha are several industrial flower farms that all require the pollination services bees provide. As a bonus, we are hoping for the collections to start off well first thing in the morning because there is a large flower garden directly out the door of our hotel rooms.

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