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Swining and Dining: a lesson in keeping it local

DSC_9058Honey can be shipped anywhere in the world with relative ease. Sometimes hives are trucked vast distances simply to pollinate crops. Kenya, in contrast, is a place where local food rules. Here you’re not bumping into apples and potatoes that have been kept in cold storage for a year (but you might be in the US and Europe). Fields of corn, rice, tea, bananas, potatoes, and kale regularly flash across our windows as we move from site to site. At Arrive, the school and orphanage we spent two days collecting bee samples out of, much of the food comes from Continue reading

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Good Collections, Bad Internet


We can now check Naivasha and Kisii off our list of planned sample sites. Thankfully we have had more success with our collections than our internet connection! In Naivasha, we managed to collect bees Continue reading

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